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The Miles Smith Early Intervention Scheme (EIS) is a simple, proven product which provides fast track access to treatment for employees who are absent from work as the result of a physical injury, stress, depression or anxiety, to help promote a speedy recovery and return to work.

Did you know?

30.4 million working days lost due to work-related illness and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2015/16, costing UK businesses £14.1 billion (HSE – Health and Safety statistics 2016).

According to the CIPD Absence Management Annual Survey 2016, the median annual absence cost per employee is £522, and four of the top five causes of both short-term and long-term absence are stress, musculoskeletal injuries, mental ill health and back pain. However, treatment for these conditions is frequently regarded as low priority by the NHS and patients can wait for several weeks to receive treatment. These are all conditions that potentially can be treated under EIS.

Key features of EIS:

• Only £15.00 per person per annum plus Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)
• Simple and quick to quote – 1 rating question
• Underwritten by Aviva
• No historical claims information required
• No GP referral necessary
• Fast track – no need to wait for NHS treatment
• Access to first class treatment after 3 consecutive working days of absence
• Immediate access to treatment after a reported motor accident (i.e. no waiting period)
• Pre-existing conditions not excluded
• 24/7 cover – absence need not be work related
• Report always provided to the employer
• Physio at local and convenient locations & provided by UK wide clinically audited network
• Psychological therapies delivered over the phone
• Return to work advice & preventative exercises prescribed

Policy limitations:

• Does not cover employees with an unmanaged alcohol or drug addiction, a diagnosis of severe personality disorder, a neurological       disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome traits or diagnosis, a significant risk of harm to self or others, or those currently accessing other           services or secondary care services
• Treatment can only be arranged by us
• Does not cover conditions which occurred within 7 days of inception
• Some conditions may not be fully resolved by the treatment provided under EIS

For any further enquiries, please contact your Account Executive at Miles Smith or visit the Miles Smith EIS website


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