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Comprehensive cover, partnered with outstanding risk management advice for building and engineering businesses

Making sure that businesses installing and maintaining crucial utilities such as heating, power and lighting have the appropriate insurance solution and risk management provision in place is vital, as these businesses have more complex risks than many others.

Our insurance solutions provide peace of mind that, if something does go wrong, we are able to get your business back up and running swiftly. Whatever part of a site you work on, and whatever role you carry out, we can arrange the right insurance solution to protect your business.

    Why Miles Smith?

  • We have over 30 years’ experience arranging insurance cover for the building and engineering services sector
  • We can carry out a confidential review of your current insurance provisions, to identify if there are any gaps in your current cover
  • We arrange insurance solutions for all sizes of business, from sole traders to those with thousands of employees
  • We can arrange extensions to our liability insurance, such as accidental asbestos discovery and financial loss

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Whether you have 2 employees, or 200, we have many years of experience in arranging insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes operating within building and engineering services. Our approach is all-encompassing and starts with taking the time to understand you and your business and the risks that you face, once we have done that we will present our findings and work with you to create the insurance solution to best protect your business.

When we work with new customers we don’t just provide you with insurance products, we’ll investigate how you’re working, and what you are working with, profiling your business and adjusting your cover accordingly.

In the modern day with monitoring devices, automatic shut-offs, connection to the internet-of-things and leakage detectors, it’s critical that we understand everything before arranging the most appropriate cover for your business. We will also provide risk management advice for your business, helping you proactively manage the risks you choose to retain and reduce the risks you have insured against.

Who is it for?

Our expertise allows us to offer a full range of insurance solutions to businesses operating in the building and engineering services sector. Amongst others, we provide cover for:

Building and Engineering Services Covers

Our approach to providing businesses operating in the building and engineering services sector with insurance solutions is tailored to each organisation, ensuring you have the cover that you need. We listen to you and take time to understand your business, providing the insurance cover that you need. The types of products we look at for building and engineering services businesses include:

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Cyber Case Study

Miles Smith was asked by a large nationwide retailer to undertake a thorough review of its insurance provisions to highlight any potential gaps in cover.

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“I have dealt with Miles Smith for a number of years now, and am very grateful for the advice together with the support given. Prior to their involvement, I had suffered a deteriorating claims experience and through various Risk Management guidance, including the fitting of cameras, my experience has radically improved. I now regard them as part of my team, and look forward to working with them in the years ahead”

Manjit Nandra
Director, Beeches Recovery
Employers’ Liability, Public Liability and Product Liability icon

Employers’ Liability, Public Liability and Product Liability

If you have employees then it is a legal requirement that your business must purchase...

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Motor Fleet

Motor Fleet cover is recommended for businesses that operate with a number of vehicles that...

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Material Damage and Business Interruption

At Miles Smith we are constantly evolving our insurance offering to meet the needs of...

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Contractors All Risks

Contractors All Risks cover protects employers and contractors against your responsibility for loss or damage...

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The impact of fraud can be wide-ranging. Crime cover helps protect you from both internal...

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A cyber policy is designed to provide support and protect your business if it is...

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Directors’ and Officers’

Directors’ and Officers’, or D&O as it is often referred to, offers financial protection against...

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Legal Expenses

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Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity, sometimes referred to as PI, provides financial support for legal costs, as well...

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