Trade Credit

Trade Credit Insurance provides protection for businesses if a customer who owes money for products or services does not pay their debts or pays them later than the payment terms that have been agreed.

Most businesses don’t think twice about insuring their property, assets and stock, but the impact of payment default by a customer can be significant. If a large customer was to default on payment through cash flow issues, insolvency or bankruptcy, it may have a real and meaningful effect on your ability to trade, so it makes sense to protect your business from such eventualities.

As well as this, trade credit insurance can help your business grow. It enables you to sell to new customers that otherwise maybe too risky, safe in the knowledge that you are insured if they are unable to pay their debts.

  • What’s typically covered?
  • Protection against non-payment due to insolvency, default and country risk
  • Multi-buyer – a comprehensive cover for protection against any customer default
  • Single customer – protection from your key account defaulting
  • Named customer – typically designed for businesses with a portfolio of customers that is weighted towards a handful of large exposures.
All businesses are unique so to make sure you’re covered, get in touch with our team of experts.

"Miles Smith staff are friendly, extremely approachable, responsive and very much work with us, allowing us to get on with the day-to-day running and growth of our business"

Group Finance Director, Belfield Group

Chelmsford Star

"It makes things a lot easier, particularly when insurance isn’t your area of expertise. You want someone who understands how you’re set up, the way your board is, how you have to get things approved, and that you’re commercial, but do have other aspects."

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