A cyber policy is designed to provide support and protect your business if it is subject to an attack by a hacker or a data breach. It offers comprehensive cover and help with reputation management should you need it.

Providing our customers with cover that works in the real world is what we do at Miles Smith. And the real world is now very much online. The spiralling volume of information stored and transferred electronically has resulted in an increase in the potential exposures facing businesses. Because of this, cyber liability insurance is a necessity and a traditional commercial insurance policy is extremely unlikely to protect against most cyber exposures.

  • What’s typically covered?
  • Data Breaches: Increased online consumer spending has placed more responsibility on companies to protect clients’ personal information as affected parties can sue you as a result.
  • Business and Network Interruption: If your business operations require the use of computer systems, a disaster that prevents you from accessing or operating your systems could cause you to lose significant potential revenue.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Your company’s online presence, be that your website, a blog or social media, opens you up to the same exposures faced by publishers. These include libel, copyright or trademark infringement and defamation.
  • Damage to Third-Party Systems: If you inadvertently transmit a virus to a third-party customer or supplier by email, USB or other, you could be held liable for the damage caused.
  • System Failure: A natural disaster, malicious activity or a fire could all cause physical damages that could result in data or code loss.
  • Cyber Extortion: Hackers can hijack websites, networks and stored data, denying access to you or your customers. They often demand money to restore your systems, as well as cause a temporary loss of revenue.
All businesses are unique so to make sure you’re covered, get in touch with our team of experts.

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Miles Smith was asked by a large nationwide retailer to undertake a thorough review of its insurance provisions to highlight any potential gaps in cover.

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